on mentoring…

From now on, I will be mentoring -as a volunteer- entrepreneurs at Geekdom here in San Antonio, a couple of afternoons per week.
I have a few guidelines for this:

– This is a new idea that we are running on a trial basis. I expect this to change and evolve in the near future.
– Confidentiality and an ethical treatment of whatever you discuss with me is quite important. Whatever you say, dies here with me. It’s worth explaining that I do not engage at the moment in any business, neither I am looking for new ideas to try out.
– So, why am I doing this? because I think that my experience can be useful to others and I have (as a phD student) an academic/research interest in the problems of enterprise formation here in South Texas. What a nice place to learn about it!
– I know a number of things, but not everything. If so, I could be a Doctor in one of those prime time TV shows… they know everything!
– There are no stupid questions, only people afraid of asking them. Also, the answer is normally in the question, so start making them.
– This is when I need to tell you that only really dumb people take advice in legal, taxes, investment or accounting matters from not fully qualified, certified and properly vetted professionals. I am not an expert in legal, taxes, investment or accounting matters, so please never take any comment from me as qualified advice.
– A proper mentorship takes time and effort to develop. I am ready and committed to put that time and effort. Hope you are too!

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