“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”
― Peter F. Drucker

This is the central point of my program, entrepreneurship.

There is my own experience as entrepreneur starting a few business, a some successful and a lot that ended in failure. That experience keep me intellectually attached to the entrepreneurship phenomena.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is where innovation happens. In today’s economic world no innovation translates into poverty.

The typical focus from a business school is heavy on the Hows: Start up, Plan, Finance, Manage. I am looking from other points of view. My interest is in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, the clear obstacles and the expected rewards.

The guys that started Instagram sold their company to Facebook for more than one billion US$…and they never, ever had any income. They didn’t invoice a customer.Not once. While it seems like a fairy tale and is a powerful narrative, the huge successes of companies in the technological sector is just a sliver of the real experience in our country.

I am interested in a more granular an closer look of the issues of enterprise formation. Here in our own area: South Texas. We are frontier and also forerunners of the huge changes in the country due to the increase of latino population. From the point of view of social sciences I want to learn about the Whys and Whats.

These ideas are the basis to build my research interest. My dissertation should eventually fall in one of those topics.

Entrepreneurship was an introduction to the subject with a (rare) opportunity for team work. Also, there was a lot of learning about the personal and professional achievements of my colleagues. I am impressed by the different paths that we take in life and how many of them are fruitful.

After that, Economic Development for Entrepreneurship has been a golden opportunity for a review of issues in economics and how they relate to the challenges of our time: inequality and poverty. This course brought a lot of fresh information and the opportunity for a more personal exploration of the issues involved.

I expect for the following year to keep working on Entrepreneurship with additional classes, internships and my own study. I want to bring my own definitions (I suspect that there is more than one) of entrepreneurship and a vision that bridge my life experience and formation with this program.

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