Looking forward

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”  ― Voltaire

At times, the program was like a nice stroll in the park. At times, it was an insurmountable mountain. I came out working on the following questions:


How can I exercise my leadership within my community? If community service  is important and as I say, part of my contract, I should start by helping to lead my own community, my fellow colleagues in the program.

What IS entrepreneurship? Beyond the definition, beyond the formulas, what is the meaning of the process. Why some people have initiatives and innovate? Why others are just mute in front of change, blind to opportunities and deaf to the requirements of their communities?

Will you, Toño,  ever write properly?. I want and I know I can… if I put the effort. I want to learn to express myself in a proper academic setting but never losing my uniqueness. Tall order.

How do you put opportunities for people to escape poverty?  I know that it will exist because is part of the human condition. I know that a greater inequality dampens any effort. I know that Education is but one answer to the problem. I understand that is not taxing the rich or re-distributing an already created wealth that will provide those opportunities in the long run. I know many things, but they are still incomplete, incoherent and disperse. Sadly, I don’t have a full answer.

How do I balance far and near? I am interested in what happens here, in South Texas but I realize that everything connects. Then, the task is to recognize global patterns within our very local problems and look for knowledge and solutions elsewhere.

Can we read that again? I am talking about the Monroe Doctrine and in general, two hundred years of mostly poor relations between the US and Latin America. We (latinos) have been with our backs turned to the US for many years. In the end, no one understand the other party. We want to see each other again and recognize that we are in the same continent with a lot of common history. We can do better. How can I contribute to that?

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