Antonio Cantafio

Mr. Antonio J Cantafio is an experienced professional in supply chain and strategic development. Also, he has been an advisor to south america companies in the area of third-party logistics and finance. Partly retired, Mr Cantafio works with the Board of Directors of a few non-profit organizations in San Antonio, Texas

Due to his deep interest in education, he has taught over the years a number of courses on business, finance and international trade.

Before moving to San Antonio in 2006, Mr. Cantafio started and managed for over 10 years what is one of the top 3 logistic service providers in his country of origin, Venezuela. It initiated as a small, closed doors operations for one company but rapidly evolved into a leading supplier of logistics services for Venezuela’s market. Under his tenure, the company annual growth averaged 25%, which was achieved in an environment of political upheaval, high inflation and economic uncertainty. Leading companies in the retail and banking sectors are among customers of this company.

After college, he started at the manufacturing facility of The Gillette Company in Venezuela, where he oversaw a facility with more than 400 employees on a 24 hours basis, operating a multitude of processes in the areas of toiletries, writing instruments and blades & razor packaging. Later as Operations Director of Jafra Cosmetics, a direct sales cosmetics subsidiary of Gillette at that time, he became responsible for manufacturing’s transformation into an international operation, setting up a customer service department and updating ERP systems for the company.

Mr Cantafio is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. He also holds a master of science in Marketing from the same university, and a MBA from University of Texas at San Antonio.



Master of Business Administration. University of Texas at San Antonio. 2011.

Master of Science in Administration, major in Marketing.  Universidad Católica Andrés Bello,Caracas, Venezuela. 1990.

Industrial Engineer, major in Production. Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela. 1984.

Teaching experience

Adjunct Instructor. Introduction to Business and Personal Finance courses. Northwest Vista College, San Antonio, Texas Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Instructor, International Business. Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela, 1997.

In house Instructor and program manager, Total Quality Program. The Gillette Company, Venezuela. 1991-1992.

In house Instructor and coordinator, Supervision program. The Gillette Company, Venezuela. 1987.

Professional experience

Independent Consultant. Self employed from 2007 to 2012.

Background: Acting as an independent consultant and advisor, I worked with a limited number of customers in Venezuela and Colombia

  • Advisor on third-party logistics services.
  • Major projects in the areas of Strategic Planning and International trade optimization.

UnoCD. Managing Partner and General Manager, from 1997 to 2007

Background: UnoCD is Third party Logistics Services company located outside Caracas, Venezuela. Started as an in-house service in 1997, it evolved into a full service company. Multi-client, Multi-site and multi-process. This company is in the top three ranking in its country with a group of customers in diverse areas: Procter & Gamble, The Gillette Company (before and after becoming a part of P&G), Monaca (Gruma’s subsidiary), HP, Makro (big area stores) Groupe SEB (french small appliances multinational) and local banks and wholesalers.

  • Led the company from inception to the top tier in its market.
  • Responsible for the strategic direction, leadership and alignment of the company.
  • In charge of the financial management functions with full responsibilities for treasury and financial planning.
  • Oversaw all IT functions and developed specific software (cross docking) for the company.
  • Developed a specific business segment, logistics for Marketing Departments which represented 60% of the total business.
  • General Manager, with the legal, financial and public representation of the company

The Gillette Company, Jafra Cosmetics Division in Caracas, Venezuela. Operations Director, from 1988  to 1996.

Background: Jafra was at the time a diversified operation of the Gillette Company with operations in a dozen of countries around America and Europe. Its line of business was cosmetics and similar products using a direct sales approach.

  • As part of the Executive Leadership Team, led all Supply Chain, Contract Manufacturing, International Trade, Quality , Customer Service, Safety and Regulatory, and New Product affairs.
  • Chief Compliance Officer for the corporation in the market.
  • Designed and started up a Customer Service department for the market, working on the process design and initial training of the department.
  • Improved all products line for the market, changing from the oldest formulas and packaging of the group to the most recent products in a number of years.
  • Started and led an ERP installation for the company to move away from paper based controls and report to a mostly automated operation.
  • Developed a cross sourcing with the subsidiary in Colombia, exporting products to this market in exchange for part of their local production

The Gillette Company, Venezuela’s Manufacturing facility. Assistant Production Manager, from 1984 to 1988.

Background: After a two years project, this was the most advanced blade manufacturing facility for Gillette on a worldwide basis. It ran on a 24 hours, five days schedule with close to 400 employees.

  • In charge of day-to-day operations for Toiletries, Writing Instruments and general blade and razors packaging.
  • Developed in-house manufacturing capacity for the best-selling Shampoo in the Market at the time.
  • Developed in-house manufacturing capacity for certain Jafra products
  • Led a project to significantly reduce manufacturing spoilage and over use by switching all procedures and controls to a zero loss basis.
  • Part of the new products team, charged with the planning and execution of new products for the market

Memberships and  public service

Member of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals

Member of the World Affairs Council of San Antonio.

Member of the Masters Leadership Alumni Association in San Antonio, Texas

Serving in the Board of Directors for The Classic Theater of San Antonio

Serving in the Board of Directors for The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio


Fluent in English and Spanish (mother tongue). Limited understanding of Portuguese.