Diccionario mexicano-venezolano, capitulo 1

Viviendo aqui en Mexico me encuentro con diferencias en las palabras que usamos. Ni unos estan en lo correcto, ni los otros estan equivocados

Unas primeras palabras

No le diga bandeja, digale charola

Si usted esta en una avenida muy ancha, ese parque o jardin en el medio no es una isla. Eso es el camellón

Una muy vieja… lo que para los venezolanos es una bodega,  para los mexicanos es un almacén… y al reves.

Sales de Caracas con una franela y una chaqueta y cuando llegas a Ciudad de Mexico.. Oh! misterio, tienes una playera y una chamarra

end of the road

Today, for no particular reason I purged the remains of my PhD work from this site and everywhere else. One of the few things that I didn’t finish. Suffice to say that I discovered earlier that it was not for me. I insisted for one more year and in the end, I parted ways


What did I learn there?

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

In no priority but in short sentences, this is what I  learned from been part of the UIW community.

Upon entering any organization, there is a contract. Mine with UIW includes social justice and community service.

No one grows without the fertile ground of good friends. I am here because of you, for you and by you.

This is my moment: I want to learn without prejudice or bias. I want to seek understanding in reason.

There are good, not so good and bad courses. The outcome depends on me.

It is imperfect and at times confusing, but only ethics will keep you going.

One theme flows from one course to the other: we must, concern ourselves with the others, those that are at time invisibles and only part of a number: the poor, the less favored, the just arrived immigrant.

It is not the only, it’s not perfect  but it’s the answer: education. 

It is imperative to me: re-organize my learning, deepen my interests and improve my written expression.

Sense-making is really difficult. Only by continuos reflection I can make sense from my experiences.

It is not (only) the vanity of adding those 3 letters (PhD) to your name. What is important is the social responsibility that I will acquire once I graduate