The Signal and the Silence

The Signal and the Silence

A long discussion from Adam White on two vibrant and required books for our times, the Signal and the Noise from Mr. Silver and Antifragile from Mr. Taleb.

At the core, an invitation to think business in term of risks, our capacity for predictions and our general overconfidence

…So far, Silver’s predictions have been impressively accurate. For the 2008 presidential race, he accurately called 49 of the 50 states, getting only Indiana wrong. In 2012, he was 50-for-50—much to the chagrin of critics who had dismissed what they thought were unduly pro-Obama forecasts….

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If you Want to be Well-off in Life

Couldn’t say better myself…. The author discuss what he has learned about investing from his mother

The money quote: …An eighth point to consider is that money matters temporally.  Eternally, no, it doesn’t matter.  No one can buy Heaven, as Psalm 49 points out.  But you can use your wealth to aid those who are trying but failing.  That’s important.  As John Wesley put it, “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”…

If you Want to be Well-off in Life
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