My name is Antonio Cantafio. As my father before me, I switch in and out of Tony for no particular reason

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I am a transplant, a product of the long crisis in my country. That makes me an expatriate not by gusto but out of necessity.

I live in San Antonio (Texas), a hot but nevertheless charming city that I have learned to call home. Wife, 2 kids fast becoming adults… one dog. For the time being, we also live in beautiful, marvelous, and interesting Mexico City. What a preivilege!

You are what you are. Me too. But over the years, other that me being me, I have been involved in a number of ventures. Now I am deeply interested in Artsunless something changes (what doesn’t?)

This is my attempt at learning the craft of writing. There is always that question: Who do you write for? The short answer is for me. And for you if you honor me and join my journey.

I try to keep my focus and be interested in a few ongoing themes. Arts is one of them. Finance and the fool things that we make with -and in the name of- money. History. Venezuela that is a burning memory.

Everywhere there is a pervasive theme. Most of the time we want to see everything in term of blacks and whites, ones and zeros. A binary state that is not real. I am -or not- in a binary world. I want to visit the multiple stages between black and white. All the grey that there is.

Being a native spanish speaker, there are things that I can only say en español.

Something to say?  email me: acantafio (at) gmail dot com

In the meantime, escribe que algo queda. Write it and something will remain

Have a good one…