are taxes (or the lack thereof) inmoral?

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..a question for you…are taxes a moral thing? what’s the meaning of “fair share” in the paragraph?

I’d say that either you comply with tax law or not…that makes the issue legal or not…but moral? I wouldn’t say so!…just MHO

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Amazon, Google and Starbucks Attacked over U.K. Tax Avoidance

The public accounts committee of the House of Commons, the parliamentary spending watchdog, has released a report where it condemns Amazon, Google and Starbucks of “immoral” use of offshore schemes, royalties and complex structures in order to avoid paying tax on profits generated in the U.K. It also criticises HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for being “way too lenient” in the way it negotiates with companies that pay little or no corporation tax. The chair of the committee, Margaret Hodge MP, said that “this is outrageous and an insult to British businesses and individuals who pay their fair share”. Additionally, she said HMRC “should be challenging this but its response so far to these big businesses and their aggressive tax planning has lacked determination”. Starbucks has already announced that it is reviewing its tax approach to Britain with a view to paying more tax internally. Danny Alexander, the Treasury chief secretary, said “I might be able to buy a coffee from Starbucks again soon”.

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