What I read during 2014

IMG_1106Where to start? Letters of Note is a wonderful recollection of letters from Shaun Usher and his fantastic blog. I got the first (UK) edition and later a second one. But… my favorite  letter didn’t make the cut into the book. Still, a pleasant reading and a source of inspiration

From Maira Kalman, a magic book and from Amanda Palmer a soulful reflection on the humane nature. Both of them highly recommended

El mundo según Cabrujas hails from my country, Venezuela,  and put together many op-eds from one of our best writers. All of them entertaining, many premonitory of our current predicament as a country.

My interest in China took my to Kissinger and On China. The Deng book is interesting because of the subject…but the author is too much celebratory and too little critical.

Why Nations Fails and the Bottom Billion are part of my phD program. If you don’t HAVE to read International Organizations… please don’t. A bland book to say the least.

A couple of historical novels (Ah…! The always entertaining Tudors!) a few books on anxiety, spirituality and habits. The biographies of David Foster Wallace (a tragedy to lose him so early) and the guy that put the cat in the book…and changed many things forever, Erwin Schrodinger

That’s it. At least 26 books. Maybe  a couple of them are laying around or I didn’t finish them

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